Mac 14, 2011

Thesis "Rock Mechanic in Kota Marudu"~

8th April - need 2 pass up 3 copies of complete thesis to my SV~ Dr Ismail..25 more days 2 still in correction stage Chap1-3..i guess i need to boost up my energy and cut off some useless must be completed b4 4th April so that any small mistake can b corrected..regret?? not at all..i love rock cause its all bout rock..hati pun mgkn dh jdi mcm rock..~not rockers but hardrock..compact n zero porosity..

so..for those who want 2 choose rock mechanics as your thesis title..beware n be payung2 on tough outside n also inside..

today..went to thin section lab n manage 2 produce 3 thin sction but not as perfect yg en. sanin (lab officer) bwt la..still a lot 2 improve..but i'm satisfied with it..

wuwuw..need 2 continue with my thesis..key in all d scanline data n do some writing..wawawaa..time is ticking now....arrgghhh~

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  1. tengok kucing tu kalut menaip teringat plak masa last friday dayun pun kalut gitu taip draft sbb supervisor da bising mintak result..hehe

    bebellagi:gudluck with ur thesis