Mac 12, 2011

i'm the one who wants to love you more

very sad today..d only hope that i have in u..but u seems 2 run away from me..i guess we doesnt meant 2 b 2gether..i've given my very best but it doesn't seems enough at all...yet, i'm giving up now..*enda asa meda laban udah kala ngempu* :(( HOPE U HAPPY WITH YOUR LIFE!!..thanks again u. s. s...totally lost hope in u..God bless u in future!! as well as me!! ------>heart-brokened<------

2 ulasan:

  1. i've try 4 d 2nd chance. but u dont give it. what to do? i'm stil cant forget u.

  2. 1 MAY 2011- 4 d last chance i will make it permanent..believe me u.s.s~ LUV U. =)))