Januari 11, 2011

arrive in KK oredy..

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fuhhh..i think now i can b indipendent enough 2 live my own life..live a single life without a guy..its true that double is trouble n single is simple..i can live my own life to d fullest..not 2 worry bout sumbody's heart anymore..n I've been thinking about friendship between a person and an ex lately and I know it's hard to deal with it. It could be easy for you if you broke up with someone in a good reason or conversely worst for you if you broke up in a bad reason. Trust me, I've been in this situation TWICE and it's really hard but thank to Him I managed to face it with full of strength inside me. But for sure, I broke up in a good reason i guess..hehe (^_^) 

Is it hard to deal with your ex? For me, it was totally hard when you're dealing with your own feelings you still have for them. So the best way is you must remember that your relationship with them is over. Separate your emotions from your reactions towards your ex. Yes, it's a MUST. You need to move on with your own life. Let go off all your romantic feelings you have for your ex. It's difficult if they've move on, you haven't yet. Perhaps it's not your fate to be together with them. Believe and have faith in Him. You'll get a better one..:)

but our friendship will last forever
have a nice day ahead!
God bless...

~u noe who u r..but let fate decide it~peace no war...hahah


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