Disember 09, 2010


EVERYDAY we face problems.. sometimes it hurt us badly and sometimes it give joy..but 1 question appear...WHY?...the answer is God want to shape us to be more firm..problems in relationship for example..everybody will faced it..for me i think it make me more strong n i hope i will found my happiness in future..hehe..my friend told me that a serious relationship need commitment and i think it's should be something that you can say...made in Heaven..then it bring you happiness...last nite when i was chatting with Adrian..we accidentally had discuss bout this matter..haha and i guess he have a lot of experience bout this thing..he told me that when a person is ready to build a relationship..it will came out naturally from our heart..no need to force ourself to accept 'the one'..he/she will come to us if we believe in Him..i am so blessed bout what he said and i realized that throughout my relationship there is NO commitment reflected in it..i thought that is what we called 'CINTA BUTA'..or maybe im the one who cant see what is this all LOVE about..im just too young to involve n fall into this kind of problems..but no doubt we as a TEENAGER cant denied it..just faced it with strong heart and let it be..for we dont know what is already stored for us in the future..n i guess it need more experience for we to get the BEST in our life..i believe in ME!!!

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